Okemos Community Church is an interdenominational
fellowship with connections to the United Methodist church.

We offer a spirited worship that is biblically-based and traditional
in style (hymns, choir, organ, piano).

Wherever you are in your journey of faith, you are welcome here. 

We are all in different places along the journey...

some are wondering if there is God, some wanting to connect more deeply with God, others wanting to learn more about God, faith, Jesus, and life... 

still others are ready and anxious to put faith into action serving others. 

Come explore in a safe place, where questions are welcome. 

Our Mission:

To help people connect with God and better reflect Jesus' way of life.

Our Vision:

A faith community on a journey together to build meaningful lives

Community and relationships are important.  
Relationships connect us with God and with one another
Together, we connect with people beyond our congregation. 
We know one another, and care about each other. 

Faith is a journey.

We are not all at the same place in our spiritual lives, but we grow by learning from one another.

In relationships here, it is safe to ask questions

We accept that people have different understandings. 

We respect people wherever they are on their journey.

Faith becomes real when it is hands-on

and we serve others following the example of Jesus. 

We long to know our lives make a difference.

Through God, we can discover our own unique purpose,

and our contribution to the greater good of the world.

Our Core Values

  • A Love-Based and Grace-Filled Theology

    • By love-based, we mean that we rely on love and compassion. By grace-filled we mean that we practice forgiveness more than judgment. As God's loved and forgiven children, we extend the same to others, offering second chances, and more.
  • An ecumenical Spirit

    • We are a community church with Methodist roots. Our history includes both Baptists and Presbyterians. We value the insights and viewpoints of many denominations.
    • We seek to lessen the lines that divide churches and people. We want to build upon all that unites us. We partner with other churches.
  • An Open, accepting and Inclusive Attitude

    • Everyone is welcome, included, and respected. Everyone means everyone!
    • Everyone is welcomed and included for communion and for baptism.
  • An Outward Focus through Service and Mission

    • Putting faith into action is necessary. God calls us to be doers of the Word, not listeners only. We seek to help vulnerable people locally, regionally and globally.
    • We strive for social justice and mercy, with an emphasis on the common good for all humankind and all of creation.
  • A Learning Atmosphere

    • We believe learning can draw us closer to God. We encourage continuous learning at every age and stage of life, including children, teens and adults.
    • We strive to be a place where asking questions is okay. We create space where people risk naming their doubts. In the search for answers to life's hardest questions, we believe no one should ever feel alone.